Gudrun Pavel


The heart and the soul of the Fundação Pavel. As Gudrun Pavel met the Brazilian Iva Engels - Carvalho more than 20 years ago, both were quickly convinced: together we can make a difference for people in northeastern Brazil. Gudrun Pavel sat it out all the stops and is committed to this day all out for their charges in Brazil.


Iva Carvalho Engels


Coordinates, organizes and brings together all the threads, so that aid arrives in her home. In 1982, she left her home village Barão de Grajaú and came to Germany, where she met the family Pavel. With their energetic optimism they thrilled everyone in their surroundings and makes the impossible possible. Iva Engels - Carvalho is president of the Fundação Pavel.

Klaus Pavel


A real-maker: Brazilian honorary consul, industrialist, Honorary President of the Aachen-Lauren Rennverein that led to the world's largest equestrian brand the CHIO Aachen. Was infected by the enthusiasm and convince of his wife and supports his projects in Brazil with heart and mind.