our projects for families and adults:

Sewing and Embroidering

Since now 23 years women receive at any age in our sewing room lessons in sewing and embroidery on the machine and by hand. In handicrafts especially young women are trained daily. We provide our sewing room and women for private work available.

Thus we enable women to earn their own livelihood.


In our puppet workshop toy is made for our children in the nursery and kindergarten.

"A sewing machine For HOME"

Thanks to the Brazilian company "Marbor" in São Paulo and by private donors 24 sewing machines were purchased in recent years. These sewing machines are distributed to former pupils of Nähkurses. Through this aid measure the young women can be a secure existence possible.


Inland live all the poorest of the poor. Since 2003 there running our project "Cabrinha" (kids) with great success. The idea: A family receives a goat, four goats and the material for a stall as seed money. After about three years the Fundação Pavel a goat family has to be returned, which will then turn away to another family. By selling the goats, families can take money and thus build up an existence. So existence was created for approximately 120 families already.


The cost of a family with goat barn amounted to 220 €. Pro Goat 40 €.

Automotive Trade

Our car workshop should not only contribute to the training of young people, but also to further developments of the adults.


For more information about our automotive workshop is available here.


On our property next to the crèche there was still room for growing a vegetable garden. benefit from this project currently approximately 20 families. They grow lettuce, herbs and various vegetables for their own consumption.


Since 2004 is located on the land that has endowed us, the community, the "house mothers". In this institution get women before and after birth and can support a few days rest before you go with your children back home.

HAND LAUNDRY "LAVANDARIA" &              drinking water treatment plant

Up to 100 women arrive daily in our hand laundry to wash their laundry there and your children. In addition, the Fundação 2 drinking water plants. The public water supply often fails due to power outages. This system saves in times of emergency not only the Fundação, but the whole place.