Our Rojects for Children:


In our crib "Curumim" (indian: the child) are 5 times a week 20 infants between 9 months and 3 years supervised all day. Through our assistance we allow especially single mothers raising children, and the opportunity to go to a job.


Thanks to generous donations could 2009 sun covered playground will be built.



Our kindergarten "Girassol" (Portuguese: the sunflower) consists of 4 groups of 25 children, a total of 5 times a week here are the morning and afternoon 110 children cared for. The children are aged 4 to 6 years. The kindergarten children daily get a hot meal is lovingly Preparat of our cook in our kitchen.

PRESCHOOL lessons & tutoring for school children

Already in pre-kindergarten children from 4 to 6 years are literate in order to help you get start at a public school. We look after our 2 tutoring groups each morning and afternoon of 30 students. The tutoring takes place 5 times a week. Students are supported in the workup of school lessons and with homework. Teachers also have an effect on the individual deficits of the students and try to compensate by doing exercises. If that is not enough, these children are cared for professionally in our therapeutic.


Our music lessons for children and young people takes place in our social center regularly.

Our courses for all ages umfast lessons in guitar, recorder, trumpet, tuba, saxophone, Brazilian mandolin and chorus singing.


Gifted children and young people are especially encouraged in individual lessons.


For our music lessons, we need a lot of tools, which is why we would be pleased to receive a donation very.


Library & Reading corner

The reading area for the school children will be redesigned in the near future, so that the children there have a cozy and develop the reading even more enjoyable.