Our pRojects for Young People:

Electrician training

Once a year we organize a training course based on the 25 men and women can participate. The course lasts 6 months if the course is successfully completed, participants receive a certificate. This certificate allows you to find a job, either in the environment or in the big cities. Thus you are independent and can feed their families themselves.

computer Courses

We offer young people the opportunity to participate in our computer courses. In recent years, more than 200 young people have attended this course and receive a certificate. Through this course, the chances for young people to find a job. Unfortunately, time and again falling from computers that can no longer be repaired often.

Already with a donation of 200 € could buy a new computer.

Automotive training

Our latest project is the completion of a car workshop. Here are young people are trained to secure their own livelihood in the future.

Proceeds from the service workshop aims to contribute to the maintenance of the running costs of the Fundação.


It is provided in addition to set up at a later stage in the building where currently the automotive workshop created a carpentry. Here young people should have the opportunity get a carpenter to complete in order to secure their own livelihood. The proceeds from the sale of the products produced here will also contribute to the maintenance of the running costs of the Fundação.


The youth accommodation is suitable for 5 young people from the Interior. Young people work during the day to earn their livelihood. Visit daily night school to obtain a high school diploma.